July 2023: A Frontline Lifeline: Health & Wellbeing In Prison

NHS Health & Justice NW extend the contract of the work begun at HMP Wymott in 2022 and bring it to other prisons in the region over 2 years.
This will have us making a transition away from working just with older men and expanding our scope to serve other/younger groups with similar needs re their physical, mental and emotional health.

Read more about the first year of this work:

May 2023: Residential Retreats

The latest service in our Leadership Lifeline support package: A two-night midweek stay at our base in The Yorkshire Dales bringing together people in leadership roles from criminal justice, the corporate and charity sectors to collaborate on solving common problems and take time for their mental, emotional and physical health.
A Test Event with 10 leaders took place Dec 2022 with the first retreat proper held May 2023 and further events scheduled through autumn and winter 2023-24.

Attendance by invitation – here’s what they say:
‘A privilege: fun, active, enlightening, humbling, open, relaxed, interesting, reflective, hopeful, positive, enjoyable, emotional, thought provoking, informative, energising, empowering, friendly, calming – a total change of scene’.

Ongoing since Spring 2022: Supporting Prison Governors & Senior Leadership Teams

As Covid restrictions eased we began working in-person in prison or at away day locations:
Leadership Team Workshops 45mins – one day

Shadow A Prison Governor: Half day observation of leadership style with feedback

Hosting Prison Governors: Small group leadership masterclass by invite only

Conflict Resolution: Trouble-shooting service for those truely tricky people problems

May 2022: Covid Recovery / Mental Health

Funding awarded from NHS NW Health & Justice to re-start and develop our pre-Covid programs at HMP Wymott for staff and men serving sentences. Work to start autumn 2022 till April 2022.

Ongoing since May 2020: Supporting Prison Governors

Our unique program of coaching-training-mentoring was developed in the early days of Covid-19 lockdown for small groups of governors to come together online. That work has continued and expanded in Dec 2021 to include Deputy Governors & Governor PAs.

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April 2021: HMP/YOI Brinsford: Physically Active Learning in Covid19 Lockdown & Recovery

Developing innovative ways for men and staff to use physical activity and collaboration to improve mental, emotional and physical health.

Funded by HM Prison & Probation Service through Clinks Covid19 Winter Support Grant Program Feb 2021

Read about Andy's experience delivering the project:

Dec 2019 - March 2020: HMP Wymott Therapeutic Community (three programs)

Delivering our Frontline Lifeline program to men trying to break a cycle of addiction.

Read about Andy’s experience delivering this project: Wymott 1, Wymott 2, Wymott 3

How We Do It

We use the principles and practice of Physically Active Learning and Restorative Justice

We teach people the attitude, thinking and behaviour skills of an endurance athlete

We provide a shared, supportive physically challenging experience in an austere environment for people who have kittens at the prospect

What This Means

We make it easier and compelling for our participants to:

  • Manage their mood and mental health
  • Learn to ask for help and work with others
  • Harness their motivation to set and achieve positive challenging goals
  • Use proven skills and coping strategies to break out of a destructive cycle, persevere through setbacks and have the capacity to make it stick over time
  • Give back and help others by becoming a peer mentor on graduation


These are the projects Andy has designed and delivered that now form the basis of the work of RFYL CIC


March 2019: HMP Stafford

The pilot project for our Frontline Lifeline.
Read the report

Read about Andy’s experience delivering this project here


13 Schools Take On A Pennine Way Running Challenge for Sport Relief

Introducing pupils, staff and parents to thinking, learning and doing skills of an endurance athlete and inspiring, encouraging children and adults to complete their 268 cumulative miles as part of Cracking The Spine running challenge for Sport Relief. Watch the film


'Inspiring, engaging, motivating'
'Captures pupils’ imagination and makes it real'
'A common language, process and shared experience that means we get along better and the pupils learn faster'
Jackie Scarf, Year 6 & PE teacher, Riverside Junior School, Calderdale

'Andy is an inspirational role model who makes it fun and brings it to life'
'It’s value-driven program across the whole school – parents and teachers as well'
'Inclusivity: Pupils own the target and could all contribute at their own level'
'Pupils are more active which means they concentrate better and learn faster'
Sue Marshall, Headteacher, Cowling primary school, Keighley

'It made us think differently about key subjects and change to a ‘life-skill’ approach'
'Pupils were highly engaged by real-life learning that continued at home and culminated in fundraising for a high profile national cause'
'Teachers had something new, relevant and inspiring to work with over the winter months'
Jo Hughes-Hutchins, Deputy Head Caton Primary School

See clips of other schools: Edale, Horton-in-Ribblesdale, Kirkby Malham

Year 10-11 Key Stage Transitions

22 students at Settle College, North Yorkshire completed a triathlon-based learning program that had them completing their own race and organising an event for Year 7 pupils. Photos from the event


'Students who are usually seen as disruptive/disaffected are now doing well and achieving'
'Attendance has improved at school'
'Attendance & performance at exam revision classes has improved'
'Better behaviour around school particularly in maths/science where the boys are much better'
'Happier students = happier staff'


Young Offenders
Andy has previously worked with National Offender Management Service Attendance Centres in Cumbria that rehabilitate young people serving non-custodial sentences.

Summer 2013: HMP Kirkham
Early development work over 6 weeks for what would be our Frontline Lifeline program.


Connections Careers Service
120 young people at Stephenson College, Leicestershire took part in a comprehensive Transitions-type program designed by Andy to better equip them with skills and attitudes for success in the world of work.

NEET (Not in Education, Employment or Training)
Six young people from Rathbone’s (The Young People Charity) Carlisle centre took part in the Transitions learning program. Key outcomes were raised aspirations expressed as SMART goals with the confidence and skills to persevere through setbacks and achieve them. Participants trained for and completed a mini-triathlon and learned skills designed to increase personal resilience.