People in Prison: So What?

Because nearly all will be released and some of them could be to a neighbourhood near you.
Because you’d want them to abide by the same rules as you do.
Because you don’t want to be looking over your shoulder.

Because the £45,000 it costs to house someone in a cell for a year could be spent on:

  • 1.5 nurses
  • Nearly 2 newly qualified teachers
  • 20,000 primary school meals

So time spent inside should prepare those people for a new life outside: Contribute. Play by the rules. Be a force for good.

Park what you think you believe about crime-punishment-justice and consider this:

Our government is committed to building new prisons in 2022.
This s projected to add 20,000 people to the 80,000 we already have in jail.
Most of those will be released too which means the odds of some of them landing near you have just increased.

More than half of all adults released from prison will be back inside within 12 months.
This number is higher for young adults - and this number has not changed much in decades. So prison as a place to prepare for life after incarceration has some work to do.

We are contributing to that work – you can too and here’s how:

Giving Back

If you have done well in business, understand the value of physical health and/or take part in endurance sport and give a damn about the communities in which you serve we need your help to make a breakthrough in our work in criminal justice.

What We Really Need
Your Money: Wealth from outside funds our work inside prison.
Your Name: Supporting our work and as leverage for others to follow.

What We Can Also Use
Your Goods: Equipment in kind – fitness clothing, kit, trainers, bikes, learning aids.

What We Can Offer Your People
Professional Development: Work with our prison governors and deputy governors.
Exposure & Insight: Andy speaks and writes about his work.
Campaign For A Cause: Contribute to our drive for a humane justice system.

Supported by

PwC Foundation donates money for our work coaching prison governors. In return their people partner with one of our governors for reciprocal mentoring.

Kebbell Homes has been with us from 2019 donating money for all aspects of our work.

People who give
Andrea Fawell
Dan Summers

What Now?

Contact Andy Mouncey to start talking about how we can involve you in our work.
Whether that’s just you or on behalf of a business we want to hear from you.

Thank you.    07799 063115